Typical Sardinian food

Sardinian cuisine is slow cooking, made up of simple things, preparations that require care, love and time.

Following the seasons and doing a careful research on the territory, allows us to offer our guests a wide choice of ingredients that come from local producers who guarantee quality and freshness.

SARDINIAN DINNER with typical roasted pig – 40 € per person
This menu includes: appetizers, 2 kind of pasta, main course, side dishes and dessert.
Drinks are included.

A small preview of some dishes that you could taste on our table?

The appetizers are rich and perfect to satisfy everyone: from local cold cuts and cheeses accompanied by honey and compotes to vegetarian Panadas, from crostini to grilled vegetables and those in oil.

Zuppa Gallurese (a typical “hidden” soup) never fails and then there is the fresh pasta homemade: Chjusoni (Gallura gnocchi), sweet ricotta ravioli, Culurgiones Ogliastrini IGP, Pane a fittas and Fregula.

The roasted pig with baked potatoes is a must.
And at the end, our desserts: Sardinian pastry, Gallurese cream, Seadas, acciuleddi, origliettas, peaches with myrtle, cakes and much more.
Out menu: wines a la carte and beer.

VEGETARIAN SARDINIAN DINNER every Thursday – 35 € per person menu includes: appetizers, 2 kind of pasta, dessert. Drinks are included.

MENU OF THE DAY€ 25 per person (only for those staying in our B&B) This menu includes: pasta, main course, dessert or fruit.
Drinks are included.

Reservation in the morning, are requested.