Typical Sardinian food

typical Sardinian products Lu Salconi is a superb destination where you can have authentic experience in Sardinian cuisine based on typical Sardinian products, from Gallura and from other areas as Logudoro and Anglona.

We grown up some vegetables and also we search for fresh and organic products, selected from local producers, so that we can propose several kind of fresh and rustic dishes, based on meat, vegetables and wild herbs.

Here some typical Sardinian dishes that we prepare:


cold cuts, homemade pickled and in oil vegetables, pecorino cheese with local honey and homemade marmelades.

Sometimes we can add: ricotta with bitter honey, mazza frissa, Casciu furriatu and grilled cheese with wild fennel.

Homemade pasta 
Chjusoni with tomatoes sauce, ravioli with ricotta, pane a fittas, suppa cuata or zuppa gallurese and soup with wild fennel.

Main courses and side dishes

Stewed lamb with wild fennel or Vermentino; roast pig, roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables.

Crema gallurese, seadas, Acciuleddi, origliettas, peaches with Mirto liqueur, fresh fruit, cakes and much more.
Water, house wine, coffee, home made liqueurs.

Extra menu: beer and wine à la carte.

This is the variety of courses that we can prepare, but the menu depends on the availability of fresh and local products, generally a full menu includes: appetizers, 2 kind of pasta & rice, main course (meat) and side dishes, dessert and fruit.
Water and house wine, coffee and liqueurs.
On request, we realize vegetarian menus.
For our guest, dinner includes: pasta & rice, main course, dessert or fruit, water, house wine, coffee and liqueurs.
The menu will be change day by day.

Our menu:

  • Half board (only for our guest) € 25 per person
  • Special Traditional Sardinian Menu with roast pig € 37 per person
  • Apritif with beer (66cl) or wine (75cl), cold cuts, fresh vegetables, olives € 15 per person

Reservation is required.